Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why are some ancient locations active while others aren’t?

I was struck several times by the same experience on my recent trip overseas.  I’ve written about all the layers of entities I have seen in some ancient locations.  I expected that.  But what I found particularly interesting were all the ancient locations that I didn’t pick up anything at all.

 I spent time in some incredible places that I would have thought would have been full of activity, or at least beings to read, and I found them flat with no paranormal energy.  This happened in a variety of places.  I analyzed the locations to see what, if anything they had in common.  Besides centuries or even millennia of constant human habitation, they were all very active with the living at the time.  Some were tourist sites, others just lots of daily activity.

I was wondering if all the activity of the living in the locations could sort of erase the energy left by the past, and affectively wipe out any “ghostly” presence.  That really doesn’t make sense to me as most of the places I visited with similar histories and current activity levels with human interaction did have paranormal records and beings. 

It is possible that the energy is there, and I was just distracted or having an off day and didn’t notice anything.  That certainly happens.  But at this point, I’m just not sure.

Please feel free to leave your comments!  I’m interested in your opinions on this!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

The complete being

The complete being

By William Becker

 We are taught that life is pretty much what exists in the physical world around us.  Religion and forms of spirituality may be brought into this environment, but even that doesn’t really consider or take into account the full dimension of reality, beyond the 3 dimensional world we know and are told is existence in its entirety.

 I’ve published some previous articles that explore various other realms; realms where we can connect with our past and between lives, and learn more about our current one from them.  I’ve mentioned other paranormal beings that seem to reflect the others spoken of in many myths and legends from around the world.  But where I’ve been going with this is part of the vision I’ve had all my life. It’s the integration of it all within us.

The world we exist in is a much bigger, and more seemingly complicated, but actually simpler place than we are led to believe.   We have the energy left behind by people whose lives made an impact on locations.  We have souls, or part of souls, that come and visit; to assist us, to communicate with us, or as tourists.  We have a myriad of beings that seem to step from the pages of legend and lore, and we have a direct connection to the universal consciousness and depth of immortal being.  All this has simply been educated out of us by a societal perspective that relies on 5 senses, not 6 or more.  It is up to us to relearn how to reopen to these additional senses. 

Sometimes people are afraid that developing additional senses will lead us into the land of evil beings.  Sometimes religion tells us those other senses are evil in themselves.  Much of this fear and superstition is basically manmade labeling from manmade religious doctrine. 

 My theory is that these additional senses we need are part of who the human race is.  It’s part of our own creation and evolution.  It’s natural to our beings.  What isn’t natural is the denying and covering up of these essential parts of ourselves.

 The entities we can communicate with help to educate us as to our place in the larger reality, as well as to what our role in this more limited existence is.  We can visit with, and talk to, our guides at the seat of all knowledge often referred to as the Akashic  Record.  Allowing ourselves to communicate with beings of myth and legend can open us to new aspects of our connection to those beings.  We open to a much greater sense of belonging to the universal and our place in it.  We also become more aware of our responsibility to it. 

Part of this responsibility is that we request permission of the beings inhabiting the places we go to visit, and to treat all beings with respect and to understand that each has its own unique place in the universe.  We are not there to judge, but to be part of, learn and understand. 

The additional wisdom and connection we develop should also help us to better understand our responsibility in this 3 dimensional world of our 5 senses, as well as our duty in the larger universal.   We have a duty to protect this planet and its living beings.  It is vital that we recognize that our energy, let alone our physical activity, affects the world around us.  We create what we put out there, both in the realms of our other senses, as well as in this realm. 

A word of caution, these additional senses are not to replace our 5 physical senses.  They are to further augment and complete them.  These are in addition to, not instead of our knowledge, wisdom and rational thought process.  These additional senses and the realms they open to us assist us in connecting with our soul, and its path, now, in the past, and in eternity. 

There is a place deep within each of us where we find the universal and our part in it.  It is this place where we can most connect to our true selves – our completeness of soul.  And it is from this place that we can grow and evolve as spiritual beings, as well as physical ones.  It is here that we can touch a deeper understanding and level of knowledge, one that is simply “known”, not taught.  It is here we further develop our life’s purpose.  I find this to be an eternal process – one that we work on in this life, as well as between and past lives.  It is to find this path in themselves that I am blessed to assist others.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Why do Some People have Positive Experiences While Others Have Negative with the Same Beings?

One of the things I find interesting with the paranormal is how different people will have different experiences with the same entities.  I think there are several aspects that influence the interactions we have with these beings. 

 We can often forget that the entities we’re working with have a cultural and societal norm that is vastly different than our own.  In the area I’m in, we have strong Victorian and Edwardian influences.  Even in the areas of what would be called the Wild West, there were still norms that were followed that are alien to us, just as our cultural norms are alien to beings of those time periods. 

 I’ve found that some of the women I know in particular can have difficulty with some of these beings.  I was in one location where a friend of mine was elbowed in the ribs so hard by an invisible elbow that they were sore for 3 days.  Another friend has been called names and another poked with a parasol by unseen people.  On the other hand, I’ve gotten along very well with these entities.  And except for one, they all seem to like me.  The one with the parasol didn’t like me because I was telling her real story!

Well, these situations all have a couple things in common.  The entities were both male and female, but all were from a mid to late Victorian period, into the Edwardian.  This was a time when women did not speak out independently, when people dressed very conservatively, and the man of the house was seen to be the master of the house.

 These friends of mine are amazing people.  They are strong, independent women, have their own bank accounts and jobs, dress in shorts and think for themselves.  They aren’t subservient to anyone.  And there lies the issues the “ghosts” have with them.  They are not the Victorian lady, and don’t fit the norms of the time these beings were walking the earth in their physical bodies.  They are scandalous even to the ladies of ill repute, who contrary to the image given in westerns, were very conservatively dressed in the latest styles.  The plunging necklines of the movies were not a reality!

 Another major factor I’ve noticed is that frequently, we get what we ask for, in a sense, with paranormal entities.  If we go into a location geared up for battle, or expecting some negative activity, we are much more likely to find it! If we go in judging or thinking we know it all and what the entities need, there’s a much greater possibility that they will react defensively, or aggressively.   If we go in expecting to be attacked, we have opened the door and invited the attack!  If we go in expecting evil, we are more likely to experience behavior that can be seen as evil.

 I go in with a sense of openness and interest in the entities for who they are.  I’m not there to judge, or criticize.  I don’t tell them that they were bad people or that they are evil.  I go in as an equal.  I don’t give them greater power then I have.  I keep control of myself, and expect them to not cross boundaries, and they don’t.  We develop a sense of mutual respect and often liking. 

 Some of the entities I’m very fond of and have a very good relationship with would have probably killed me if I had run into them in a dark alley at the time they were alive.  They did what they could at the time and for their incarnation.  Now, we joke with each other. They know they can’t hurt me and have no desire to.  We chat, they drop in for a visit and we joke around.  We accept and respect each other for who we are.  As it is in all relationships, mutual respect is a key element to successful interaction.



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The correlation of our past and current lives

I’ve been doing a good bit of work lately with the connection of my past lives and my current one; and the place of my between lives in the picture.  I’m finding that by looking at the past and in between, I can see much of why I am who I am this time, why areas of my life are what they are, and what I am really hear for.  I’ve been working with clients on their life paths as well.

I find that one soul and I have repeatedly shared lives where we have taken turns in the role of the wise soldier/warrior, and the strong but gentle healer teacher.  This back and forth has gone on since pre-Roman, and I think pre-Celtic times in the British Isles, and has continued through various ages till today.

 The two souls together always make a complete whole.  I don’t think I know this soul mate in this life yet.  And, I might not meet him, but the goal is completeness in each of us.  I think he’s already there, and I’m very close.  I’m not quite ready to tell the world what all that contains, but it does involve being a spiritual healer and teacher and guide.  That part is coming to fruition here and is much of what I do between lives.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Past Life Loves and Their affects on Current Lives

I’ve been working with someone on some past life work and its relationship to current life situations.  We have found that this person has had incredible love relations with a particular soul mate in past lives.  This soul mate seems not to be incarnate in the person’s current life, but does come and converse.

 The subject has been mostly single all this life.  There just hasn’t been anyone that really gave the feeling of the incredible relationship the person longed for.  We have found that the longing is the subconscious memories of the past lives when the two soul mates were together.  The thinking is that this is something that affects many people, including those that have formed romantic relationships, but are just not that satisfied in them.

What do you think?  What experiences have you had or heard of in these lines?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Being One with One's self

We all have our own specialty with psychic – experiences or focus and it’s tied to our eternal beings and what we do between lives as well.  And it’s when we are tuned into that which is our true self that we are the most fulfilled, content and joyful.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tired of the bullies

So much bullying in the world - interpersonal, people I know bullied by the people they date, government, society, business - and it all wears on the soul of us alll, and is an attempt by the bullies to wear us down so we no longer resist their will.  I hate it.  And I'm tired.  No wonder I perfer paranormal beings to so many people!